Awesomenauts is a head-to-head game where two teams of three intergalactic mercenaries try to destroy each others' base. Take on the role of one of these mercenaries and jump into this awesome blend of classic platforming gameplay and modern battle arena games!

The game is free to play so feel free to download it on steam!

United Mapmaker of Awesomenauts discord's server
Join this discord to talk with a lot of map maker and ask all your questions related to modding!
NautsBuilder 2
A website to create and share builds for a game named Awesomenauts
NautsRankings 2
A website to check the leaderboard of Awesomenauts online
Replay finder
A website allowing to easily find replays from Awesomenauts
A meme copy of Awesomenauts made for April's fool. If the server isn't online, you can still play in the map editor.
Flappy nibbs
A small stupid game inspired by flappy bird but instead you play Nibbs. Warning: sound ahead. Press M to mute
Downloadable AI files
This page contains custom AI that you will be able to use in the map editor.
AI Editor blocks list
Lost with the AI editor? This page contains help about all blocks!
Awesomenauts colours list
The list of colours you can use in the AI editor of Awesomenauts