This is an experimental page. Experiments might not work and/or be completely useless.

In this page you will find a lot of random things. Basically, I post almost everything I do here even if it's not finished.

You can sort experiments using the buttons above.

Dev tools
This experiment allows you to create HTML/JS drafts online and more
GRaces! - Map editor
Make maps for GRaces! The tools isn't super user friendly but feel free to try it
A JS whiteboard. If you set up the server multiple users can draw and talk at the same time.
Journey of a Robot
Made in 3 days for Ludum Dare #36 - Ancient technology!
A game where you have to switch between two side of a mirror to reach the highest place! But it's far from finished
Test your write speed with this mini-game where you have to destoy words by writting them. Use your magic bar to destroy words!
Undertale battle simulator
A basic Undertale battle simulator with some unique patterns
Echo flowers
Tell something to an echo flower, it will keep your message forever...
Random memory game
Takes random images from imgur! This is higly NSFW...
Get fat
Move with arrows, try to catch junk food. This game was made with friends during a school "project"
Float value representation
See how floats value are stored in memory
Vocabulary quiz
A vocabulary quiz that forces you to answer quickly
Gravity simulator
This is not a real simulator but you can do fun things
String simulator #1
Trying to make something that looks like a string but it is quite awful
String simulator #2
My second attempt to create a string but it looks more like a spring now
Lines intersection
A test to see what must be done to find the intersection between 2 lines
Image comparison
Find the differences between two images
Useless test #1
Drawing ugly things using by moving a line
Useless test #2
Rotating something that was supposed to be a gear but now it just draws something that I find cool
Useless test #3
I was trying to create a map generator but it ended like this. Refresh to get new design
You can only write existing word and if the word doesn't exist it will try to find a word close from what you wrote
Random progress bar simulator
I think I was inspired to make this by Windows I don't know why.
Windows like interface
You can open windows, close them or minize them. It's a bit buggy but it could be useful if improved
Test clock design
A clock where hands are just circles
3D Graph
Well, you can just add points. Maybe if you add a lot of points you will have a line?
Snake 3D #1
Messing around with ThreeJS
Snake 3D #2
A lot of functionnalities are missing but it's playable.
Snake 3D #3
Rotating cube simulator. The experiments works only if my server isn't down.
CodeJS client
This tool allows you to create project and develop together. This experiment is far from finished but the result is pretty nice
CodeJS server
The github repository for CodeJS's server
A basic JS maze with random generated level (litteraly random)
A small Android application to learn vocabulary. - Made during my studies at Ecole technique du CIFOM
A small but almost fun java race game with a top down view - Made during my studies at Ecole technique du CIFOM
This program keep an history of your clipboard, you can retrieve this history by using CTRL-UP and CTRL-DOWN
Connect four
A C# connect four using Windows Forms
Doodle jumpre
A C# "doodle jump" using Windows Forms
A C# pong using Windows Forms
A C# maze made with Windows Forms, enjoy the optimisation
Maze - Map editor
The editor for the very optimised game