Welcome to the website containing everything that crosses my mind! From broken experiments to useful tools, Orikaru is there for you.

Content worth exploring is listed in this page but if you feel adventurous, check the pages in the left menu.

Don't take anything present in this website too seriously! While some projects were properly managed, most of them have been coded after midnight. Have fun!

Online Tools

I've always liked working on random tools. Here's a list of some that could actually be useful.

NautsBuilder 2
A website to create and share builds for a game named Awesomenauts
NautsRankings 2
A website to check the Awesomenauts leaderboard online
Guild Wars 2 - Simple bank calculator
Find how much your bank is worth in Guild Wars 2
Replay finder
A website allowing to easily find replays from Awesomenauts
Sort Algorithms Viewer
A basic way to see how sort algorithms work
NoteJS is a small javascript whiteboard, if you set up the server, multiple users can draw at the same time

GitHub projects

Here's a list of my best projects on GitHub. Most pages on this website are not on GitHub because I'm too ashamed of the code.

Modular Discord bot supporting plugins hosted on git repositories, with a dashboard to manage everything
A visual XML editor. Can be used to edit Awesomenauts AI files
Spark Pudding
A Unity like game editor using Lua. Can be useful for prototyping and would work well if it wasn't made using Swing
Glowing Barn
A little game using magnetic fields as its main mechanic
NautsBuilder 2
A website to create and share builds for a game named Awesomenauts
NautsRankings 2
A website to check the Awesomenauts leaderboard online
My Voc
An Android application to learn vocabulary


Most of these "games" were made in JavaScript from scratch and are not finished. But you still may have a bit of fun!

Journey of a Robot
A game that was made with a friend in 3 days for Ludum Dare #34
A game where you have to switch between two side of a mirror to reach the highest place. Far from finished buy still playable
Test your typing speed with this small mini-game!
A downloadable Java race-game, with an online map editor!
Undertale Echo flowers
Tell something to an echo flower, it will keep and repeat your message forever...
Undertale Battle simulator
A basic Undertale fight simulator with some custom patterns
Nautsnauts 2
A meme copy of Awesomenauts made for April's Fool in less than one week
Escape from Rata Sum
Rata Sum has become quite a dangerous place. To survive, you need to escape from Rata Sum!

Latests blog posts

This is not really a gold mine of good blog posts but there may be a few articles worth reading.

Backend update
The backend of the website has been updated and a few changes were made to the Undertale Battle Simulator.

Posted by Blatoy the 10th of March 2024 at 20:56 and categorized as Website update
Orikaru and the GDPR law
The General Data Protection Regulation law has been implemented today so I thought it would be a good reason to write a post about it!

Posted by Blatoy the 25th of May 2018 at 00:57 and categorized as Miscellaneous
The making of Super Awesome Nauts
In this post I'll explain the main issues and workaround I used to create the Adventure map of the 'Super Awesome Nauts' mod pack for Awesomenauts.

Posted by Blatoy the 20th of February 2018 at 21:55 and categorized as Awesomenauts

Social stuff

Links to places where you can contact me. You can also use the Contact button on the bottom left on this website.

I may tweet update about the website / blog posts from time to time!
Orikaru discord server
Feel free to join this chat if you want to talk about Orikaru, everyone is welcome!
United Mapmakers of Awesomenauts
Lost in the AI editor? Need help creating a map? Or do you simply want to talk about Awesomenauts? Join here!
Check my projects! Most experiments aren't on github because the code is too dirty.