Orikaru is a website featuring tools and experiments. Some are related to Guild Wars 2 while others are just random things.
I often add and improve experiments / tools so if you love useless things be sure to check the blog page from time to time!

Also, your feedback is very welcome, if you find anything wrong, use the contact form! You can find it near the bottom left of your screen.

Latest blog post

Awesomenauts Maptesting Community Night Festival And discord server for modding!
To celebrate Awesomenauts going free to play next week we're going to have an event to shows what the modding community is doing in this game! If you never played Awesomenauts give it a try since it will be free!

Posted by Blatoy the 20th May 2017 at 01:44

Featured experiments

Discord server
Feel free to join this chat if you want to talk about Orikaru! Everyone is welcome!
Guild Wars 2 / Bank calculator
Have you ever wondered how much worth was your Guild Wars 2 account? Check it out!
Guild Wars 2 / Escape from Rata Sum
Rata Sum has become quite a dangerous place. To survive, you need to escape from Rata Sum!
Awesomenauts / Replay finder
Find your local replay easily with this replay finder!
Undertale / Battle simulator
A basic Undertale fight simulator. Try to reach the top of the leaderboard!
Undertale / Echo flowers
Tell something to an echo flower, it will keep your message forever...
Undertale / Random quote
Random quotes related to Undertale
Journey of a Robot V2
This is the last version of Journey of a Robot. Far from finished but with more functionalities and less bug than the previous one!
Journey of a Robot V1
Made in 3 days for Ludum Dare #36 - Ancient technology!
Test your write speed with this small mini-game!
NoteJS is a small javascript whiteboard, if you set up the server, multiple users can draw at the same time.
A downloadable Java race-game, with an online map editor!