An API key is a key that give third-party program read-only access to your account (it means you can give your key to everybody if you don't mind showing the content of your account), you can get your key on the official Arenanet website on the application tab.

On the application page, you can create a key by pressing the New key button. Give it a name and permissions and press the create an application key button. Once the key is created you can use it on any website / application. (But I strongly recommand you to create one key per application)

You can save your key on your Orikaru account: create a key with all permissions, go to the account page and put your key in the box on the bottom of the page, after that, your API will be auto-loaded on each page with an API key.

You can delete a key on the application tab, but if you do it, you'll not be able to bring it back.
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